10 Smart Suggestion to Stay Healthy in Winter

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Now it’s time to say good-bye the hot summer and welcome to the new winter season.  But so many of us are afraid to this weather as it comes with cold and flu which is irritating. With the little effort during the winter season we can stay healthy and fit. There are a few things we can do to keep ourselves and family to stay fit and healthy during this winter season.

1. Well Eating Habits:


We can keep our self healthy by including a range of fresh foods including green leafy vegetables. We also can boost our self and immunity by taking a good quality of vitamins and minerals such as zinc, garlic vitamin c. To keep your body warm and nourish add vegetable and chicken soups and stew in your diet. Be sure your diet is full of winter fruits and vegetable packed with vitamins and minerals such as sweet potato, corn, beetroots, banana, garlic, ginger. Add dry and nutty fruits in your diet to keep your body warm and active such as almonds, peanuts, raisins, dates.

2. Stay Active and Moving:


It is very important to stay healthy and fit keep moving and active your body. Don’t use winter months as excuse to stay in instead of this go for outing like for skating winter walk, spend a time to warm up before exercise. Do exercise regularly in winter to stay active and fresh too.

3. Boost Immunity:


It is very necessary to boost our immune system throughout the year but during winters it becomes more important to deal with winter sickness. To increase immune power we should take a healthy diet full with minerals and vitamins and antioxidant. Sleeping enough is a very important to keep your body active and to support your immune system also.

4. Exercise Regularly:


Regularly exercise is a fitness mantra for any weather but it is becomes more essential in the winter to keep our body warm and active do regularly exercise at least for 15 minutes. Get out for a short walk and enjoy the cooler weather. Be sure to spend some time for warm up to keep your body warm and healthy.

5. Stay Hydrated:


In the winter as the weathers cools down our thirst decreases and we forget to drink enough water which is not good for our health and skin also so it is very important to drink enough water and keep our body hydrated. You can add herbal tea also in your drinks if you struggle with plain water. Drink at least 2 litters water in a day to get enough water in body.

6. Sleep Well:


Sleeping well is also an important part of healthy and fit life. Proper sleep can help keep the body’s immune system healthy and fight of colds. Proper sleep routine may help to promote improved sleep. Avoid alcohol caffeine and cigarette they affected badly our sleep.

7. Keep Stress to a Minimum


Being mentally stress free is very important for a healthy and fit body even sometimes an amount of stress can make us more strong and challenging but it should not so much stress. Taking so much stress can make us sick too we can go into depression by taking so much stress. Stress can disturb our immune system and health. It can be a reason of dark circles on under eye area which is sign of un healthy body. So it is necessary to stay healthy and active keeping stress to a minimum.

8. Don’t Smoke:


Smoking is habit which affected our health and immune system badly it is very essential to avoid smoking if you want a healthy and active body smoking can decreases our sleeping which can be responsible for mentally and physically stress.

9. Wash Hands Regularly:


Washing hands is very important tips to prevent colds if you want to craft a battle plan to prevent colds, you don’t need to think long and hard about it. Just remember three simple words: wash your hands! There is no wonder why it works it is very simple cold passed around is when someone who’s sick cough or sneezes. Whenever we touch those object used by them we got infected by the germs so it is very important to wash your hand to keep avoiding those germs. Regular hand washing is the strategy to keep them outside from your body.

10. Tips to Deal with Winter Sickness:


In the season of winters there are some common sickness problems which troubled to every person but to stay healthy and active it is must to deal gently with them. As the temperature dips, people pack their pockets to deal with runny nose. This is the most common winter ailment. Blow your nose regularly in order to get rid of exercise mucus or inhale some drop of eucalyptus oil for quick relief.2nd most common ailments is flu. Due to changes in the temperature many go downs with flu. In order for relief take a steamy shower and sip in hot fluids like chicken soup, corn soup or mix vegetable soups. Sore throat is also a common ailment of winters. That tingling throat is a big pain. Hence try gargling with mixture of warm water and salt and keep drinking hot water for better relief. Wear appropriate clothing keep you fully covered when the temperature goes down too low.

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