Here Is How You Can Make Your Eyelashes Look Longer

Nowadays all people do make-up. People use many types of products that are available in the market. With which we can easily enhance the beauty of our Eyes.

If we have stains on our face then many beauty products are available to hide them. To beautify the beauty of the face, we use many beauties, but the without eye makeup our face looks faded.

It is important for the eyes to make a proper make-up. Eyelashes makes our eyes look more beautiful and enhanced. It is important to make the eyelids fit properly. If you want to make the eyelids of your eyes beautiful and dense, you can take some easy tips to make eyelashes.

How to make the eyelids grew

Apply a Dab of Vaseline


To increase the Eyelids more, put some Vaseline on the eyelids before sleeping at night. This makes it easy to make-up the next day.

Eyelashes Mascara

Let the dip dry after the eyelids wash. When the eyelids dry out, add a mascara. Mascara helps us to make them taller, making them thicker. Apply two code of mascare on the eyelids. The dashes will look more denser than this.

Using Color Mascara

If you want to show your eyes upside down, then you can match the eyeshadow to the mascara eyelashes. By doing this, the eyelashes will look more beautiful.

Using Eyeliner

If you want your eyelashes to increase, then you can also use fake plaques. Nowadays, counterfeit moments are easily available in the market. When you put fake empties, you will have a little space left under the eyes. In this empty space you put the eyeliner. This makes the eyelids increase.

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